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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
WINResident Evil Village Deluxe Edition - ElAmigos26ActionKaalUploader3 days, 9 hours39.47 GBNZB
WINThe Wild Case NL15AdventureKwiebus656 days, 6 hours245.64 MBNZB
WIN1Paranormal Files 7 - Ghost Chapter CE - NL24AdventureKwiebus651 week, 2 days1.17 GBNZB
WINStrange Investigations - Becoming CE - NL25AdventureKwiebus651 week, 6 days1.04 GBNZB
WINLost Head NL0PuzzleKwiebus651 week, 6 days28.59 MBNZB
WINFaraway Director's Cut NL16AdventureKwiebus653 weeks, 23 hours105.74 MBNZB
WINCooking Trip 3 New Challenge CE NL2ActionKwiebus653 weeks, 23 hours254.02 MBNZB
WINOntslagen (2003) Neem Wraak op je Baas of Bazin (PC)17ActionM2E3 weeks, 1 day123.76 MBNZB
WINLiving Legends 9 - Voice of the Sea CE - NL22AdventureKwiebus653 weeks, 1 day1.81 GBNZB
WINAcademy of Magic 3 Dark Possession NL9BoardgameKwiebus653 weeks, 1 day169.34 MBNZB
WINGrim Tales 2 The Legacy ( Wolven aan de poort) (op verzoek)23AdventureKwiebus653 weeks, 6 days764.08 MBNZB
WINShaolin Mystery 2 Wraak van de Terracottakrijgers16AdventureKwiebus653 weeks, 6 days298.2 MBNZB
WINShaolin Mystery 1 De Jaden Drakenstaf11AdventureKwiebus653 weeks, 6 days266.18 MBNZB
WINJigsaw Pieces 3 Fantasy NL13PuzzleKwiebus653 weeks, 6 days606.31 MBNZB
WIN2Endless Soul Light Solitaire NL(vertaling)13CardsKwiebus651 month, 1 week136.9 MBNZB
WIN2Royal Roads 2 The Magic Box NL10ActionKwiebus651 month, 1 week522.31 MBNZB
WIN2Legendary Tales 2 Cataclysm CE NL (vertaling)24AdventureKwiebus651 month, 1 week934.38 MBNZB
WIN2Laruaville 10 NL10BoardgameKwiebus651 month, 1 week119.74 MBNZB
WIN1Spirit Legends Finding Balance CE NL23AdventureKwiebus651 month, 1 week1.41 GBNZB
WIN1Storm Tale 2 NL4BoardgameKwiebus651 month, 1 week246.47 MBNZB
WIN1New Yankee 9 The Evil Spellbook CE NL5ActionKwiebus651 month, 1 week316.26 MBNZB
WIN1Mira's Workshop NL (vertaling)2PuzzleKwiebus651 month, 1 week164.56 MBNZB
WIN1Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate - ElAmigos13ActionKaalUploader1 month, 1 week121.93 GBNZB
WINBridge to Another World 8 - Endless Game CE - NL34AdventureKwiebus651 month, 2 weeks1.5 GBNZB
WINSkater XL - ElAmigos1SimulationKaalUploader1 month, 2 weeks6.21 GBNZB