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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
FLACJohnny Rivers - And I Know You Wanna Dance + Whisky A Go-Go (2005) [FLAC]1PopTarkusTWS45 minutes, 37 seconds538.66 MBNZB
MP3The History of Rockmusic - Pure Rock 19905CompilationTarkusTWS1 hour, 1 minute188.99 MBNZB
MP31964-1967 John Lee Hooker - Johnny Rivers2PopTarkusTWS1 hour, 14 minutes104.79 MBNZB
FLACJennifer Warnes - Shot Through The Heart1PopNoTrouble3 hours, 54 minutes191.07 MBNZB
FLACThe Pretenders-greatest hits(2000)4PopNoTrouble4 hours, 39 minutes642.39 MBNZB
FLACJennifer Warnes - Jennifer3PopNoTrouble4 hours, 46 minutes194.37 MBNZB
FLACPeter Gabriel Compilation - HiRes 24-44.14RockNoTrouble4 hours, 56 minutes2.28 GBNZB
MP3Hanna Pakarinen - Love In A Million Shades0RockBjorn5 hours, 38 minutes123.16 MBNZB
MP3Dave Matthews Band - The Best Of What's Around Vol. 1 (2CD)5Rockmixmaster19 hours, 26 minutes440.36 MBNZB
MP3Dave Mason - Ultimate Collection4Rockmixmaster19 hours, 29 minutes281.66 MBNZB
MP3Dave Edmunds - The Dave Edmunds Anthology (1968-1990) (2CD)7Popmixmaster19 hours, 34 minutes533.9 MBNZB
MP3Dave Davies - Anthology (Unfinished Business) (2CD)7Popmixmaster19 hours, 41 minutes540.08 MBNZB
FLACJohnny And The Hurricanes - Johnny And The Hurricanes Featuring Red River (1959)6RockTarkusTWS21 hours, 13 seconds168.17 MBNZB
FLACGrand Funk Railroad 1976 Born To Die2RockTarkusTWS21 hours, 51 minutes507.88 MBNZB
FLACGrand Funk Railroad 1971 Survival1RockTarkusTWS21 hours, 53 minutes590.7 MBNZB
MP3Johnny Rivers - The Best Of8CompilationTarkusTWS1 day, 1 hour98.09 MBNZB
MP3The History of Rockmusic - Pure Rock 198911CompilationTarkusTWS1 day, 1 hour190.02 MBNZB
MP3[Rock] Juliana Hatfield - Blood (2021)1RockHarpocr1 day, 4 hours88 MBNZB
FLACRonnie Hawkins - Can't Stop Rockin'1Rockbobby1 day, 13 hours330.89 MBNZB
FLACRonnie Hawkins - Ronnie Rocks1Compilationbobby1 day, 13 hours473.18 MBNZB
FLACSupertramp - Breakfast In America (24/44.1)10DiverseTarkusTWS1 day, 18 hours627.27 MBNZB
FLACGary Lewis & The Playboys This Diamond Ring 19653PopTarkusTWS1 day, 19 hours195.8 MBNZB
FLACTime Again...Amy Grant Live 20064PopTarkusTWS1 day, 20 hours670.5 MBNZB
MP3Johnny Rivers - Greatest Hits5PopTarkusTWS1 day, 22 hours126.78 MBNZB
MP3The History of Rockmusic - Pure Rock 19886RockTarkusTWS1 day, 23 hours192.25 MBNZB