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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
PDFNederlandse Tijdschriften 25-02-202167MagazineCowboyHenk16 hours, 58 minutes2.39 GBNZB
PDFYour Home and Garden-March 20213MagazineTarkusTWS19 hours, 33 minutes185.66 MBNZB
PDFWorld.Soccer-March.20213MagazineTarkusTWS19 hours, 34 minutes68.26 MBNZB
PDFWeekly World Car Info-20 February 20212MagazineTarkusTWS19 hours, 37 minutes18.11 MBNZB
PDFVWt.Magazine-April.20212MagazineTarkusTWS19 hours, 38 minutes40.12 MBNZB
PDFTrains-April.20214MagazineTarkusTWS19 hours, 39 minutes43.27 MBNZB
PDFThe Washington Post Magazine-21 February 20212MagazineTarkusTWS19 hours, 45 minutes36.13 MBNZB
PDFThe New York Review of Books-11 March 20212MagazineTarkusTWS19 hours, 46 minutes30.51 MBNZB
PDFScotland.Magazine-March.20217MagazineTarkusTWS19 hours, 50 minutes84.01 MBNZB
PDFAriadne at Home Brocante - april 20216MagazineTigersplace23 hours, 41 minutes224.4 MBNZB
PDFLeven in Frankrijk – februari 202117MagazineTigersplace23 hours, 43 minutes112.26 MBNZB
PDFNational Geographic Netherlands – maart 202119MagazineTigersplace23 hours, 44 minutes132.18 MBNZB
PDFMini.Magazine-March.20213MagazineTarkusTWS1 day, 20 hours42.34 MBNZB
PDFClassics.Monthly-April.20212MagazineTarkusTWS1 day, 21 hours53.82 MBNZB
PDFAviation.News-March.20211MagazineTarkusTWS1 day, 21 hours25.45 MBNZB
PDFAirForces Monthly Issue 394-January 20212MagazineTarkusTWS1 day, 21 hours25.72 MBNZB
PDFGlossy – maart 20216MagazineTigersplace1 day, 23 hours78.49 MBNZB
PDFPractical.Boat.Owner-April.20211HobbyTarkusTWS2 days, 16 hours79.12 MBNZB
PDFNewsweek.International-26.February.20212MagazineTarkusTWS2 days, 16 hours16.6 MBNZB
PDFNarrow Gauge World-March April 20212MagazineTarkusTWS2 days, 16 hours19.4 MBNZB
PDFHow.It.Works-March.20213MagazineTarkusTWS2 days, 18 hours45.38 MBNZB
PDFClassic.Ford-Spring.20213MagazineTarkusTWS2 days, 18 hours36.44 MBNZB
PDFAuto Review Netherlands – maart 202115MagazineTigersplace2 days, 23 hours135.47 MBNZB
PDFGood.Housekeeping.USA-March.20213MagazineTarkusTWS3 days, 20 hours82.62 MBNZB
PDFFast.Ford-Spring.20213MagazineTarkusTWS3 days, 21 hours47.74 MBNZB