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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
PDFThe Washington Post - Year 143 Issue 355 [24 Nov 2020]1NewspaperTarkusTWS39 minutes, 29 seconds20.36 MBNZB
PDFThe New York Times - No. 58,887 [24 Nov 2020]0NewspaperTarkusTWS42 minutes, 40 seconds16.02 MBNZB
PDFSAMSON & Gert5ComicbookTigersplace5 hours, 36 minutes1.45 GBNZB
PDFPanorama Netherlands - 25 november 20205MagazineTigersplace5 hours, 41 minutes35.68 MBNZB
PDFLibelle Special - december 202014MagazineTigersplace5 hours, 43 minutes44.85 MBNZB
PDFComputer Idee Nr. 26 - 202050ComputerTigersplace18 hours, 56 minutes39.84 MBNZB
PDFComputer Idee #26 (2020)105ComputerSnuffeltje1 day, 23 minutes28.13 MBNZB
PDFGoldstein, Jacob - Money- The True Story Of A Made-Up Thing4HistoryTarkusTWS1 day, 1 hour2.72 MBNZB
PDFThe Washington Post - Year 143 Issue 354 [23 Nov 2020]4MagazineTarkusTWS1 day, 1 hour17.66 MBNZB
PDFThe New York Times - No. 58,886 [23 Nov 2020]4NewspaperTarkusTWS1 day, 1 hour15.82 MBNZB
PDFUnderwater.Photography-November.December.20202MagazineTarkusTWS1 day, 1 hour24.55 MBNZB
PDFToy Soldier Collector International-August September 20202MagazineTarkusTWS1 day, 1 hour33.48 MBNZB
PDFThe Hollywood Reporter-18 November 20200MagazineTarkusTWS1 day, 1 hour63.02 MBNZB
PDFScottish Islands Explorer-October November 20203MagazineTarkusTWS1 day, 1 hour25.46 MBNZB
PDFPython for Beginners 4th Edition-November 20204ComputerTarkusTWS1 day, 1 hour68.34 MBNZB
PDFPhotography.Week-19.November.20207MagazineTarkusTWS1 day, 1 hour27.49 MBNZB
PDFN.Photo.UK-December.2020 (Nikon)3MagazineTarkusTWS1 day, 1 hour95.33 MBNZB
PDFMotor.Home-November.20201MagazineTarkusTWS1 day, 1 hour25.34 MBNZB
PDFLets.Knit-December.20204HobbyTarkusTWS1 day, 1 hour48.46 MBNZB
PDFLandscape Photography For Beginners 4th Edition-November 20208HobbyTarkusTWS1 day, 1 hour92.09 MBNZB
PDFInside Crochet Issue 130-November 20204CraftworkTarkusTWS1 day, 1 hour39.36 MBNZB
PDFHouse.and.Home-December.20203MagazineTarkusTWS1 day, 1 hour98.21 MBNZB
PDFHemmings.Classic.Car-January.20212MagazineTarkusTWS1 day, 1 hour29 MBNZB
PDFClayCraft.Issue.44-October.2020 (Klei bewerken - Engelstalig)4HobbyTarkusTWS1 day, 1 hour57.06 MBNZB
PDFAir and Space Smithsonian-January 20212MagazineTarkusTWS1 day, 2 hours25.14 MBNZB