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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
DVD5Ocean's Eight (2018)9ComedyKarelHeroly7 hours, 44 minutes3.45 GBNZB
DVD5Trade (2007)13CrimeKarelHeroly8 hours, 29 minutes4.39 GBNZB
DVD5News of the World (2020)12DramaKarelHeroly1 day, 8 hours4.01 GBNZB
DVD5The Rock (1996)9ActionKarelHeroly1 day, 8 hours4.1 GBNZB
DVD5Extraction (2020)47ActionKarelHeroly2 days, 7 hours4.06 GBNZB
DVD5The Children of Huang Shi (2008)23DramaKarelHeroly2 days, 8 hours4.09 GBNZB
DVD5Den Skyldige aka The Guilty (2018)25ThrillerKarelHeroly3 days, 9 hours1.18 GBNZB
DVD5Crank (2006)12ActionKarelHeroly3 days, 9 hours4.24 GBNZB
DVD5Andhadhun aka Shoot the Piano Player (2018)7ComedyKarelHeroly5 days, 7 hours3.9 GBNZB
DVD5Chopper (2000)11CrimeKarelHeroly5 days, 8 hours3.51 GBNZB
DVD5Run (2020)26ThrillerKarelHeroly6 days, 5 hours1.9 GBNZB
DVD5Syriana (2005)16DramaKarelHeroly6 days, 8 hours4.41 GBNZB
DVD5Apocalypto (2006)7ActionKarelHeroly1 week, 5 hours4.21 GBNZB
DVD5Seungriho aka Space Sweepers (2021)16Science FictionKarelHeroly1 week, 6 hours4.12 GBNZB
DVD5Palmer (2021)29DramaKarelHeroly1 week, 1 day3.1 GBNZB
DVD5Sound of Metal (2019)10DramaKarelHeroly1 week, 2 days3.71 GBNZB
DVD5Little Big Women (2020)3DramaKarelHeroly1 week, 2 days3.88 GBNZB
DVD5Zappa (2020)16DocumentaryKarelHeroly1 week, 3 days4.08 GBNZB
DVD5Uncut Gems (2019)14CrimeKarelHeroly1 week, 3 days4.09 GBNZB
DVD5Hocus Pocus (1993)15ComedyKarelHeroly1 week, 4 days4.12 GBNZB
DVD5Escape from Pretoria (2020)26ThrillerKarelHeroly1 week, 4 days2.61 GBNZB
DVD5The Godfather (1972)2CrimeKarelHeroly1 week, 4 days4.37 GBNZB
DVD5The Invisible Man (2020)13HorrorKarelHeroly1 week, 5 days2.33 GBNZB
DVD5Mr. Brooks (2007)13DramaKarelHeroly1 week, 5 days4.46 GBNZB
DVD5The Little Things (2021)24CrimeKarelHeroly1 week, 6 days3.46 GBNZB