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Cat. Title # Genre Sender Age Size NZB
-Aquaman 2018 UHD 2160p TrueHD Atmos 7.1 HEVC REMUX 10 Bit HDR8FantasyTarkusTWS2 months, 3 weeks62.29 GBNZB
-Godzilla King of the Monsters 2019 UHD BluRay 2160p TrueHD Atmos 7 1 HEVC REMUX9FantasyTarkusTWS2 months, 1 week61.02 GBNZB
-Alien 1979 Directors Cut 2160p UHD Blu-ray REMUX AVC HEVC DTS-HD MA 5 114FantasyTarkusTWS2 months, 1 week46.46 GBNZB
Blu-rayRitchie Blackmore’s Rainbow: Memories in Rock – Live in Germany21MusicTarkusTWS3 months, 1 week41.7 GBNZB
Blu-rayGregorian - Live Masters Of Chant Final Chapter Tour15MusicTarkusTWS2 months, 3 weeks40.88 GBNZB
DVD5Michael Jackson Dvd Collection Part 114MusicTarkusTWS1 month, 2 weeks35.49 GBNZB
Blu-rayBlack Sabbath The End Live In Birmingham 2017 BD1080p13MusicTarkusTWS3 months, 1 day32.38 GBNZB
-Saving Private Ryan 1998 2160p BluRay x265 10bit HDR NL Subs6WarTarkusTWS1 week, 6 days28.24 GBNZB
-The Blues Brothers 1980 2160p HDR UHD BluRay DTS-X 7 1 x265-10bit-HDS7MusicTarkusTWS4 months, 2 weeks28.2 GBNZB
-Jurassic Park 1993 DTS-X DTS 2160p UHD HDR BluRay x265 NL Subs7ActionTarkusTWS1 month, 1 week25.77 GBNZB
-Night At The Museum Secret Of The Tomb 2014 2160p x265 10bit DTS-HD MA 7 12AdventureTarkusTWS2 months, 3 days22.44 GBNZB
PDF30000 MusicSheets MusicNotes Collection 201818HobbyTarkusTWS3 months, 4 weeks21.82 GBNZB
Blu-rayThe Rolling Stones Live At The Max [1991]9MusicTarkusTWS2 months, 2 weeks21.72 GBNZB
Blu-rayTop Gear At the Movies7TelevisionTarkusTWS1 month, 3 weeks21.58 GBNZB
DTSYes - The Yes Album - 19712014 (Progressive Rock, Blu-ray Audio)10DiverseTarkusTWS2 months, 2 weeks20.61 GBNZB
DivXThe Jimi Hendrix Experience - Rare Videos 1967-19705TelevisionTarkusTWS2 months, 4 weeks20.18 GBNZB
Blu-rayThe Beach Boys - Pet Sounds (50th Anniversary Edition 4 CDBlu-ray Audio)14MusicTarkusTWS2 months, 2 weeks19.74 GBNZB
Blu-rayTop Gear 3 Great Adventures South America, Romania and Bonneville USA (2010) D210TarkusTWS2 months, 3 weeks19.54 GBNZB
Blu-rayTop Gear 3 Great Adventures South America, Romania and Bonneville USA (2010) D19TelevisionTarkusTWS2 months, 3 weeks19.5 GBNZB
-Titans of the Ice Age 2013 UHD9DocumentaryTarkusTWS2 weeks, 4 days19.45 GBNZB
Blu-rayTop gear - polar special directors cut (2007)8TarkusTWS2 months, 2 weeks18.74 GBNZB
-Greyhound 2020 2160p ATVP WEB-DL DDP5 1 Atmos HDR HEVC NL Subs7ActionTarkusTWS2 weeks, 1 day17.16 GBNZB
x264HDNFL alle wedstrijden week 17 in 40 minuten.8TelevisionTarkusTWS4 months, 4 days16.76 GBNZB
-The Old Guard 2020 HDR 2160p WEB-DL x265 NL Subs19ActionTarkusTWS2 weeks, 1 day15.42 GBNZB
-Judas and the Black Messiah 2021 MULTi HDR 2160p WEB H265-LOST3DramaTarkusTWS1 week, 9 minutes15.19 GBNZB