<< FLAC Lucinda Williams - 2020 - Runnin' Down a Dream (A Tribute to Tom Petty) (24-48)
Lucinda Williams - 2020 - Runnin' Down a Dream (A Tribute to Tom Petty) (24-48)
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Lu's Jukebox - A Series of Themed Live Performances to Benefit Struggling Independent Venues Due To COVID-19

Award-winning, revered singer/songwriter Lucinda Williams is working to help independent music venues during this time with the announcement of Lu's Jukebox. Scheduled as an eight-episode series of full-band performances in-studio, Lu's Jukebox will feature a themed set of songs by other artists curated by the multi-Grammy award winner. The first episode kicks off on October 29th with Lu's Jukebox - Runnin' Down a Dream: A Tribute to Tom Petty, featuring songs from his celebrated career.

Other upcoming episodes of Lu's Jukebox will feature themes that will include special eras, musical styles, songs of legendary artists and some surprises.

"We've actually wanted to do a cover series for a long time now, but never had the time with my touring schedule. I guess the silver lining in all of this has been to be able to really get inside the songs of some of my favorite artists -- see what makes them tick. My hope for this project (and it's been quite a big undertaking) is that we'll be able to help as many venues as we can. They're our homes, as artists. We have to take care of them, for the sake of live music to come." - Lucinda Williams

Like thousands of artists, Williams cut her teeth and developed her craft by playing in small, medium and large clubs throughout the country, and the world. These venues are vital to the development of artists and their music. Williams has never forgotten her roots, and often performs special shows in some of her favorite halls.

01. Rebels
02. Runnin' Down a Dream
03. Gainesville
04. Louisiana Rain
05. I Won't Back Down
06. A Face in the Crowd
07. Wildflowers
08. You Wreck Me
09. Room at the Top
10. You Don't Know How It Feels
11. Down South
12. Southern Accents
13. Stolen Moments

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“Muziek is kunst en kunst moet voor iedereen bereikbaar zijn, anders is het elitair.”

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