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The Style Council - Café Bleu
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(01:17) 01 Mick's Blessings
(02:42) 02 The Whole Point of No Return
(03:06) 03 Me Ship Came In!
(02:17) 04 Blue Café
(04:27) 05 The Paris Match
(03:38) 06 My Ever Changing Moods
(03:14) 07 Dropping Bombs on the Whitehouse
(04:44) 08 A Gospel
(04:21) 09 Strength of Your Nature
(05:40) 10 You're the Best Thing
(02:36) 11 Here's One That Got Away
(03:20) 12 Headstart for Happiness
(02:35) 13 Council Meetin'

"Café Bleu" is the official debut album released by the English band The Style Council. It was released on 16 March 1984, on Polydor Records, produced by Paul Weller with Peter Wilson. It followed the compilation "Introducing The Style Council", which was released only in the Netherlands, Canada and Japan. The album was mainly recorded at Solid Bond Studios (owned by Weller) except for the strings which were recorded at CBS. EBTG's Tracey Thorn handles the vocals on the jazzy "The Paris Match", which subsequently sounds as if it was an outtake from their debut album "Eden".

This version is taken from the 2013 box set "Classic Album Collection", a simple no-frills box set containing all original six Style Council albums without any extra's.

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